Centrifugal Air Blower
Centrifugal Air Blower
Centrifugal Air Blower



150 CFM to 85,000 CFM (200 CMH to 1,40,000 CMH)



50 mm WC to 1500 mm WC (2” WC to 60” WC)

  Motor HP


1 HP to 200 HP



Induced Draught, Forced Draught



MS, SS 304, 316, 316L, FRV, FRP


Industrial furnace and Boiler, Chemical Processing Plant, Textile Plant, Cement Plant, Dairy Refrigeration Plant, Gas and Oil Firing Burner, Dust Collecting System, Ceramic Industries, Petro – Chemical Plant, Power Plant, Air Conditioning Plant, Ventilation System (in Hotels, Hospitals, Restaurant, Residents, Cinema Hall, Tunnel etc.), Pneumatic Conveying System of Powder and Granules.


The RICON Blowers are backed by computer software or design selection and detailed performance characteristics. It can offer low pressure ventilation fans with very high air volume and also makes very high pressure fan. It can offer various types of shaft seals to avoid leakages of gases. The RICON blowers have careful design against noise pollution.

To suit the specified application, we design and furnish

  Split Housing construction

  Inlet box

  Inlet Box Damper

  Variable inlet Vanes

  Back Pull – Out design

  Vibration isolators

  Outlet Damper

  Coupling & Belt Guard

  Inspection Door

  Drain Plugs

  Flexible Connectors on inlet and outlet of the fan

  Isolated bearing pedestal support stand

  Shaft Seals – Labrinth Seals

  Stuffing Box

  Heat Sling

  Bearing Cooling arraignment

  High temperature fans