15 HP Size Vacuum Pump

15 HP Size Vacuum Pump

Laboratory Vacuum Pump

Laboratory Vacuum Pump

We are engaged into manufacturing High Vacuum Pumps. These Vacuum Pumps are used for different application and are made from superior quality raw material. Some of the features of our products are:



50 lit/min to 10,000 min/lit



0.5 mm of HG and higher Vacuum with Booster

  Motor HP


0.5, 1, 2, 3, 5, 7.5, 10, 15, & 20



Single Stage unit



CI, SS 304 & 316


RICON Oil Sealed High Vacuum Pump is widely accepted as the standard equipment. Chemical industries, Laboratories, Pharmaceuticals Plants, Research Institutions are using RICON High Vacuum Pump for different application such as:

 Evacuation of chambers

 Vacuum Coating

 Brazing, Degassing



 De aeration


 Synthesizing Vacuum Evaporation




 Curing of Tobacco

 Protective coating

 Vacuum forming


In operation condition the piston do not touch the internal surface of the pumping chamber so that the friction losses are less. All clearances being perfectly sealed and lubricated with vacuum oil to achieve higher vacuum. Unique valve design virtually eliminates valve maintenance and noise.

Each pump is equipped with controllable Gas Ballast to provide good vapor handling capability.

Volumetric efficiency is as 80% los pressure (High Vacuum).

Rugged construction is simple design and low maintenance.

Air and water cooled construction.

Cage slide pin avoids consumable spares commonly required in other types of pumps.

A separate oil tank is provided above the pump with inbuilt design, which pours down the oil on the rotor and like other conventional pump the rotor does not remain immersed in the pump at all the time. This is the specialty of this pump which helps the user substantially in cutting down the cost of Vacuum Oil.