Rotary sifter
Rotary sifter

The material to be sifted is fed into the stationary cylindrical screen by means of a screw mounted on the rotating shaft. A series of paddles which rotate inside the screen without contact, centrifugally force the material against the screen breaking up soft agglomerates. Sub-sieve material (fines) that pass through the screen discharge into a collection hopper at the base of the machine. Oversize material and hard lumps (that cannot be broken by hand) traverse down the length of the screen to the overs outlet. An adjustable baffle plate at the end of the screen regulates the flow of overs.

Designed to meet high-capacity scalping and sifting for both large and small process applications, the Ricon Rotary Sifter proves its cost efficiency daily in the handling of a wide variety of powder, granules, agglomerates and other free flowing materials.


 Dust-free, hygienic operation

 Quiet, vibration-free action

 Quick screen change

 Easy clean-out

 Double sealed outboard bearings with Air Purging

 High throughput capacity

 Continuous operation

 Compact design

 Inline application

 V-Belt Drive








The units are available in MS, SS 304, 316, and in various configurations allow adaption of individual requirements. The sieve meshes can be supplied in SS or nylon, with different aperture sizes, to suit customer needs and product specifications.